Rivers To Roads
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At Rivers To Roads, my tattooing process revolves around collaboration, allowing us to weave your unique story into every design. The name ‘Rivers To Roads’ reflects the significance of the journey we all embark on, where each individual experience shapes and guides us to our present moment. 

Together, let’s create a tattoo that speaks volumes and becomes a testament to the roads traveled and rivers crossed along the way.

cow in the moon done at rivers to roads tattoo shop

Collaborative Process

Our consultations are completely free and use them to truly understand our clients’ desires and expectations.

Private Tattoo Shop

The studio is provides uninterrupted time, ample free parking, and a welcoming atmosphere adorned with plants and local artwork.

LGBTQ+ Women Owned

Clients have specifically mentioned visiting this tattoo shop for its inclusive environment.

crab design from a danvers tattoo shop

“With 10 years of tattooing experience and a lifelong love for New England, I opened my private studio in 2021 with a clear vision. I wanted to move away from busy walk-in shops and focus on working one-on-one with clients while providing a safe and personalized experience.

For me, tattooing is an art form that goes beyond the ink. It’s about the whole process of connecting with clients, understanding their ideas, and bringing their visions to life. I thrive on the collaboration and communication that takes place, and nothing brings me more joy than exceeding their expectations. Trust is a vital element, and I feel incredibly fortunate to attract clients who embrace my style, subject matter (nature themes), and grant me creative freedom.

Through tattooing, we have the privilege of helping people heal, memorialize loved ones, enhance their beauty, and reclaim their bodies.”

-Heather Cierri Artist & Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

The artist behind this tattoo shop is Heather Cierri. With a deep understanding that each individual’s journey shapes who they are, she is dedicated to helping clients tell their unique stories. The studio’s name itself captures the essence of Heather’s work, showcasing a harmonious blend of clean, structured lines (roads) and fluid, flowing elements (rivers). At Rivers To Roads, Heather creates exceptional tattooing experiences that artfully balance feminine and masculine, rigidity and fluidity, resulting in tattoos that truly speak to the individual’s story.

I open my books every 3-4 months, with a few suggestions as to the types of tattoos I love to do. (Plant some ideas)
During that time, I ask for potential clients to email me with the following:

-3-5 reference photos
-a photo of the area in mind, and rough measurements
-a description of the idea they’re envisioning, and what style
-at least (but not limited to) 1 photo of a tattoo I’ve done (so that I can see what style elements they want to incorporate)
-their availability in the next 3 months
-any important information- medical stuff, first tattoo, allergies, etc.

From there I will get back to them within 1-2 weeks and if their idea is accepted- discuss consultation options (not all ideas require a consultation but anyone is welcome to set one up regardless if they’re more comfortable)
Not all ideas will turn into appointments but I can usually recommend an artist who is suited for their idea.

We will discuss the design, how to prep for the tattoo, aftercare routine, etc.

On the day of- they will see the design, we can make basic edits (sizing and small details), fill out consent form with valid photo ID (must be 18 and over) and get to tattooing! I will allow a guest if the client is nervous, but I do need to be notified prior. I prefer that clients don’t bring guests as it can be a distraction.

We have private rooms, an art gallery room, multiple bathrooms, and plenty of courtesy drinks & snacks at this tattoo shop.

Blackwork, woodcut/etching style, stippling, black and grey, watercolor.

Subject matter based in nature themes-
Creatures, plants, flowers, fungi, landscape scenery, pet portraits, dark/creepy/whimsical themes

We cannot tattoo clients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Due to the increase in tattoo supplies, we prefer to work with a 2 hour minimum for most projects.

Heather’s rate is $250/hr at this tattoo shop.

We accept cash, Venmo, and cards.

While this tattoo studio typically is appointment only, we will post last minute openings on our Instagram and when we have designated walk in days

Yes! We’re proudly rated 5 stars with over 50 reviews. 

You can read some of these reviews on Google of our tattoo shop! 

We ask that clients don’t bring guests to their appointments as it can be distracting, but we are able to make exceptions with enough notice.

Yes we have a free parking lot in front of the tattoo shop!

tattoo shop water color designs

Allow Me To

Bring Your Stories To Life

Each tattoo tells our unique story: where we’ve been, where we’re going, and who we are. Tattoos have the power to help us heal, strengthen and empower.