Booking & Consultations

My books are open every 3-4 months. An email inquiry is the first step to all consultations.

I appreciate 3-5 reference photos, a photo of the desired area, rough measurements, and a description of your envisioned idea and preferred style. Please also include at least one photo of a tattoo I’ve done, indicating the style elements you wish to incorporate.

Additionally, please provide your availability within the next 3 months, any important medical information, allergies, or if it’s your first tattoo.

I try to respond within 1-2 weeks and, if your idea is accepted, we’ll discuss consultation options. While not all ideas require a consultation, you’re welcome to set one up for added comfort. If your idea isn’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to recommend an artist who can bring your vision to life.

Max 10 files, 10mb/photo, jpg png only